Cranberry Chorus

Inspired by a True Story

We invite deaf children to come to our auditions in Sep 2019
We welcome filmmakers living with disabilities or interested in providing any kind of assistance towards the fulfillment of this project to join the crew!
We are currently fundraising and are looking for organizations, companies, or individuals to be our executive producers!

Dear Everyone, 


My name is Lina Yuchen Guan Li, I am the director of the short film Cranberry Chorus, which is about a hearing boy who accidentally joins a chorus called Cranberry Chorus. The  Cranberry Chorus is made up of 8 deaf kids that are on a journey of looking for success. This story is inspired by my artist friend’s life story. In China, there is a small town called Baise, which is among the 100 poorest towns in China, and my friend trained 10 deaf children for 5 years to put together an art performance. After meeting the children, I was moved internally, for this chance meeting made me realize that I, myself had been made ‘deaf’ by a perceived sense of reality. Through my camera lens I want to tell a story, a story that is inspired by these children’s bravery, passion and strength. Hopefully, in the process a few more people would realize that there is much more to be done at the personal as well as the societal level.


“Reality ends here.” I still remember these first words that were my welcoming gift when I started at the School of Cinematic Arts MFA Program, at USC. I guess, these words do make sense given that when one pursues his/her dream to become a filmmaker, then in a sense, reality does end when the camera begins to roll. But, now that I think about it, it is not just restricted to that only. For sometimes, the reality is often better portrayed when the camera starts rolling. Through the lens one can also lift the veneer of perceived reality to show the ‘reality’ that should been in the first place anyways. I would like to think that not only have I matured in my few years here at this prestigious institution but I have also met many people that have helped me in my journey to becoming a filmmaker. 


One of these people is obviously you. Even though our families and friends have helped us to a great extent, we are still looking for funding/donations for the remainder of the $55,000 budgeted costs. The budgeted costs include 21% equipment, 25% location, 13% art department, 26% crew, 15% post - production.  I would be forever grateful if you could help us in this regard. Specifically, if possible, do put our ideas forward to prospective donors or let us know about any organizations that we too, can approach. This film would not have been possible without you and I am so excited to be a part of the movement that you have begun. Thank you in advance for your contribution, not only financially, but also at a very personal level. You have no idea how much it means to me to have your support.


Lina Yuchen Guan Li